Ester Rada

by Ester Rada

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My first full Album! Enjoy !
Love, Ester!


released 01 February 2014



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Ester Rada Mie Prefecture, Japan

Ester Rada’s cross-cultural sound is a deep reflection of the Israeli born Ethiopian’s heritage. Ester has most recently teamed up with acclaimed Israeli producers Kuti (Kutiman/Thru-You) and Sabbo (Soulico), to release her first self-written and composed solo EP. "gracefully combining Ethio-Jazz, funk, soul and r&b, with mixed undertones of black grooves" ... more


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Track Name: Monsters

Found Out
That the monsters come at night
And I can’t sleep those busters came here to fight
It’s not that I'm afraid
It’s just that I'm awake for too long

Sounds right
To take from those busters a bite
They play with weakened minds and I can not close my eyes
It’s not that I'm not nice
Just that I've been paying the price for too long

I am a prisoner held by those who know
They all seem to know more than I
Soldier of history
Bondage by misery
Chains of reality

Well done
You got your self a hell of a gun
Using my love you mange to put me down
It’s not that I'm not strong
It’s just that I've been strong for too long

I was wrong
To think they go if I'll play along
Tried but I cant beat them so I’m coerced to join
It’s not that I'm a liar
It’s just that I am tired for so
For too long

Monsters all around
Must hunt them down
Track Name: Out

First night in my brand new place
I don't know these walls
It’s a new beginning but I think about the end

Growing up we didn't have a lot
So I chose me art
Boy I didn't think about paying a rent

A stranger smiled at me today
It made me happy in a way
And I really wanted that feeling to stay

Opened my window I needed some air
Then I realized there’s an ugly building blocking the way

Something is wrong get me out of here

A sunny day I went to see the sea
Two guys in the water surfing
Damn they look free

Jealousy inside my veins running hate
The boss said he'll fire me
The next time I’ll be late

All of a sudden it started to rain
In my sunny dress I missed my train
Even nature betrays me today

Pissed off I rolled myself a cigarette
The man said it smells like hash
Pulled off his badge and I'm under arrest

Something is wrong get me out of here
Track Name: Sorries

Sorries always come with warnings
Not this not that
I've got nothing left
Breath in I forgot to bring in
A smile for a while
Might make you come in

Heavy this load is way to heavy
No roads no wheels
Smoke defines me
Ache is what I feel inside
Beside I'm blind can't see no change
And you know I've tried

I need your loving to wash it all away
Lend me your shoulder I need a place to rest my head
You are the one who always saying tomorrow is a new day
Please stay

Floating the memories are floating
Got lost while searching in doubts I'm sinking
Playing hide and seek with present
Borders I always miss them
And future makes me afraid of it
Track Name: Life Happens
Life Happens

Sometime it seems like you just saying cause
You afraid that the silence reveals you much more
Paralyzed by the thought that maybe you got caught
Packing your lies in a suit case and run fast to another fake choice

While you’re looking astray
While ignoring the pain
Life happens
While surrender to fear
While holding back the tears
Life happens

While covering up
While acting it tough
Life happens
While closing the doors
I don't know what you’re waiting for
Life happens

You prefer a long walk inside a sad head
'Stead of a journey via happy eyes
The stone that sits up in your heart keeps rolling over again
Saying wake up sun it’s an everlasting game
Track Name: Lose It
Lose It

Stay away from me
I don't want you to get burned
Come back to me
I'm so afraid to be alone
Shame is pouring out of my eyes
And I really miss that child
Grown I know what I'm supposed to do
If you know that child you'd miss her too

Stay away from her
You don't have to play that role
Go back to her
She's nice and smart and beautiful
You know music no past no future
Two rational creatures god damn you suite her

Lose yourself and you will find yourself again
Choose yourself and you will find yourself again

Stay away from it
Hide away cause you're well known
People talking on the streets
You better off alone
Love is pouring out of my heart
And I forgive you child
Grown you know what you supposed to do
I know you child and I miss you too
Track Name: Herd

you say its not ok you say you cant go on this way you say
but if you want a thing to change you have to do much more then say

these  notion of no motion you just follow blind devotion
you don't know what the commotion is all about but you act anyway

walking like a herd
don't even bother watch the road
participation is a code
freedom is the done and i've been sleeping for top long

stop all your confusion tell them you wont stand for no illusion
you wont be excepting no intrusion of your mind today
theres no one conception gotta ask a question
gotta find out what you'r doing out there on the streets protesting 

you see it on the news you think that its the truth you think they got you covered but

instead they got you fooled
Track Name: Bazi
The sun just finished her shift
Night came along holding secrets inside
Slowly getting drunk dizzy like a candle light
And its strange i don't feel like singing right now
And its sad desperately trying to define who i am now that you're gone

Stranger but i love you
Hiding I'm still here for you
Trying to get in
And you so tired to pretend
So close so far away
One day maybe it will be ok

Im full of emptiness
Nothing really matters not even the truth
Slowly realizing that I'm losing my youth
Again against me up an down
Words keep on lying and deceiving smiling all around i hear it laud music is dying
Track Name: No More
No More

You used your violin to play me a love song
You painted a world so I could blossom
But now see that’s just the thing
You use your loving bow just like a sting
No more not right now

Never meant to read the notes under your crown
Never meant to bring no truth to this lost town
It’s that fear that I've known left unloved and alone
No more I wont give you no chance to anchor

I’ll never be what you want me to be
That’s just who I am
Stop trying to change me
I'm tired of this hiding game time to reveal now
We live in storms created by fears
Till the clouds move and the sun appears
Well she sent a ray of light under my skin
Track Name: Bad Guy
Bad Guy

Smooth moves he enter the place
He's on a mission you can tell by his face
Tough talk and hooded eyes
Half smile he gets all the ladies on his side

He's a bad guy

He's got a woman waiting at home
She is taking care of their children alone
But he doesn't mind he's got a way of his own
Anywhere he goes ho doesn't belong cause

He's a bad guy

The tougher he gets the more I cry
Grateful for the pain how stupid am I
Burned I still return I don't know why
All I know is I'm involved with a bad guy

My mama warned me from his type
And she didn't need no man to get by
But my heart does not follow my mind
Sorry mom my love is bigger then my pride
Track Name: Could it be
Could It Be

Could it be
That the stars covered my eyes
Could it be
That I saw it all
Could it be
That I heard the floor speaking
Could it be
It spoke to the wall

Could it be
That I've been here before
There’s no other place I can go to
Could it be
That you're flying with no wings
That I'm always right there with you

I'm feeling that I'm falling
Can someone hold my hand
And show me how to stand
I'm loosing it again
I'm feeling that I'm falling
Alone no haloing friend
Hope its not that time
I'll reach the end

Could it be
This is not the first time we met
Lost souls in a desert
Could it be
That the moon touched my skin
Is that the way love is measured

Could it be
That your smile is my heart
And when you're sad I'm dying
Could it be
That I've never felt in love
All my life I was actually lying
Track Name: Anything from you
everyone got a piece of you
nothing left for me
professional thief
you stole my sleep
left me to wonder the streets
like a stalkless leaf
and even though
you act like you don't know
i can hear that fear
deafen my ear
don't you blame it on me

sitting there with your head up high
nothing can harm you
professional man
life follow you're demands
but you failed to bury this head
in the sand
and even so
you act like you don't know
i can see that sore appear
but i cant dry your hidden tears
so don't you blame it on me

i don't wanna hear anything from you

rolling around in familiar places
nothing can teach you
professional boss
with an evil force
you wont stop making us feel worst
and like i said
i can make it on my own
i don't need you
i'm sure you can see
so don't you blame it on me

you're not my dad no one is
you can not teach me how pain feels

i don't wanna hear anything from you